Writing samples

The following are links to selected corporate writing examples, listed chronologically by source and title.


Reinisch Wilson Weier, “Spotlight: Charles Steele,” May 12, 2022

Reinisch Wilson Weier, “2021 Top Workplace,” September 24, 2021

Reinich Wilson Weier, “HR Leadership Award: Sarah Badawi,” August 19, 2021

Reinisch Wilson Weier, “The firm helps donate nearly 1,800 books to Oregon children,” April 21, 2021

Reinisch Wilson Weier, “Most diverse Portland-area law firm times three,” February 21, 2021

Reinisch Wilson Weier, “Reinisch Wilson Weier at-a-glance” and “Reinisch Wilson Weier PC ranked the most diverse Portland metropolitan-are law firm in 2018,” 

Reinisch Wilson Weier, “Competitive Paddler Casondra Albrecht,” February 3, 2016

Reinisch Wilson Weier, “When are claimant and defense counsel adequate to propose settlements in Longshore cases?” April 8, 2015

Portland Business Journal, “Less than 10 percent of CFOs expect the economy will get worse,” May 7, 2010

Portland Business Journal, “CFOs agree: Recession will stick around for all of 2009,” May 1, 2009


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